How To Not Care About Women

One of the most attractive things a guy can be for a woman is simply "unavailable". It's not something that you try to be, you just are. To give you an idea, I may only talk to a girl I'm "talking" to maybe once a week, and not by choice. I am simply unavailable. Between working two jobs, my writing, my reading, and occasionally running the streets with my boys, I don't have a lot of time to spend on dating, chit-chatting on the telephone, or chasing women. And as a result, more women make themselves available for me. As I just briefly mentioned above, I have such a high workload that I don't have the time to worry about women, nor do I have time to sweat the small stuff. When you're constantly busy, women crave your attention. Just last night, I had to turn down all of my boys and a female friend that I really wanted to see that I haven't seen in awhile. Not because I didn't want to see them, but because I had things that I had to get done. You should also be seeing more than one female. I don't mean sleep with more than one woman, I mean pursue more than one woman. The reason I don't feel the need to pursue any woman past my one text policy, is simply because I know I have other options. If a girl wants to play around or isn't down with my program then fuck it, I'll move on to the girl that is down with what I'm about. Moving on, stay busy. And what this does, is show that you aren't placing her above you. She's going to wonder why you stopped calling/texting her. Assuming you're a pretty decent guy, she's going to grow curious and go out of her way to contact you. Not to mention the jealously complex this creates. Also, one thing I should mention, is that you need to develop your social skills to the point where you know you can always go out, meet people, and find a potential girlfriend. Once you do this, you know that you'll always have another option, and are less likely to ever develop an aura of neediness. You should also have solid goals, and I mean SOLID. For instance, lets say that I have a goal to build a car within a certain period of time (which I don't), and a girl wants to hang out. I value building that car within the time frame so much that I'm willing to turn the girl down in order to reach my goal. You'll often find that men without solid goals, no other options, no life, and no real social skills, are also the same men begging for attention from women. Eliminate those and you eliminate neediness. When a woman doesn't want to play ball, then it's whatever, and you learn to move on. Why? Because you don't care. No need to fake it. It just is.